Luis Diaz Emotional Plea and Ongoing Search for Kidnapped Father

Luis Diaz Emotional Plea and Ongoing Search for Kidnapped Father

Sincere Request from Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz of Liverpool finally spoke out to ask for his father, Luis Manuel, to be set free. Diaz shared an Instagram post about a march in Barranca, Colombia, where he grew up. It was his first public word since the crazy event. People in the area were asked to form a march in support of his father and beg the people who were holding him to release him.

The neighborhood comes together to help

A lot of people showed their support for Luis Diaz and his family at the march on Tuesday afternoon. A lot of people were out in the streets with white flowers and yelling for Luis Manuel’s freedom. This moving event showed how much people in the area care about the Diaz family during this hard time.

Luis Diaz Emotional Plea and Ongoing Search for Kidnapped Father

The kidnapping event

The thing that happened where Luis Diaz’s parents were taken away happened while they were fruit shopping. Four armed men on motorcycles took them. Cilenis Marulanda, Diaz’s mother, was later set free. There is a lot of stress in the situation because no one knows where Luis Manuel is.

Fears about where he is

People are afraid of what the case could mean for other countries because of what’s been going on in Colombia. That Luis Manuel Diaz might not be in the country longer is now being talked about. He may have been brought into Venezuela illegally, according to the Daily Mail. Police in the area are looking into this. A lot of checks and hunts are going on, especially in the nearby Perija mountain area.

Statements from the head of the cops

To these reports, General William Salamanca, who is in charge of the national police in Colombia and joined the search on Monday, replied. He didn’t think Luis Manuel would be in Venezuela because it would be hard to get across the rough Perija mountain range. The cops are working hard to find out what’s going on and make sure Luis Manuel gets back to his family safely, even though it’s still not clear what’s going on.

What this means for Luis Diaz work at Liverpool

The sad event has made Luis Diaz’s work duties more difficult. Because of this, he couldn’t play in Liverpool’s recent 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest. Everyone on the team missed him, and Diogo Jota showed him respect during the game.

The honor of Diogo Jota for Luis Diaz

In honor of Luis Diaz, Diogo Jota did a touching celebration during the game. That was a strong thing for Jota to do to help his friend through this hard time. The player also talked about how he felt about Diaz’s situation, calling it “unimaginable.” These touching words show how much the Liverpool players care about Diaz and his family and how close they are to each other.


How hard the kidnapping was on Luis Diaz’s emotions is shown by how hard the community worked together to free his father. Luis Manuel Diaz is still being looked for, and his family and the people in his town are afraid that someone from another country may be involved. Even though things are tough, Diaz knows that the Liverpool family and fans are behind him 100% during this tough time.