Mastering Your Main Jungler: A LoL Guide in Season 12

Mastering Your Main Jungler: A LoL Guide in Season 12

Choosing important summoner spells is part of mastering your main jungler. First, work on improving your Smite’s health, jungling skills, and goals. Aside from Smite, skills like Flash, Ghost, and Ignite can help you get around problems, work well with split-pushing, or deal a lot of damage all at once. In Season 12, choosing the right summoner power is key to winning in battle.

Mastering Your Main Jungler: Summoner Spells: What Every Good Jungler Needs to Know

It’s very important to pick the right summoner spells for your jungle game. Learn Smite first. It’s a very important spell for quickly clearing out the jungle, staying healthy, and reaching your goals. It’s also needed to make things for the jungle, and using it on minions makes them stronger against enemy champions.

Most junglers choose Flash, but some like Ghost for split-pushing and others like Ignite for early ganks. Flash helps you quickly get past obstacles, Ghost is good for split-pushers, and Ignite gives assassin junglers extra speed.

Mastering Your Main Jungler: How to Use Ganking: When and Where to Hit

It’s important to plan your early game path. Find lanes where your team has crowd control to make ganks easy. You can also go after weak enemy laners, even if you can’t control the crowd very well.

Keep an eye on the map for gank chances once you’re in the game. Keep an eye on the laner’s health, where they are in the lane, and the places that are open. When both laners are low, ganking is appealing because you can get kills and save a friend. This could lead to a two-kill move, which would change the odds in your favour.

Hitting Big Neutral Monsters: Getting the Big Ones

As a jungler, it’s your job to protect Dragons, Rift Heralds, and Barons. Get your Smite ready for these fights. You can see how much damage your Smite does by moving your mouse over it. The damage grows as your champion levels up. The damage shown in the description is all you need to know about Smite.

The best Smite fight is the one you don’t get into. Crowd control and teamwork will help you zone out the enemy jungler so they can’t get to you for a Smite steal.

Picking Your Main Jungler: Making It Fit Your Level of Skill

How you choose the right jungler depends on how good you are. Start with easy winners when you’re a bronze, silver, or gold player. You should choose average winners as you move up (platinum, diamond). More skill-based champions can be played by people with more diamonds.

Don’t stick with a “harder” winner just because you sometimes do well with them. It might not work well if you don’t use all of its abilities or if your current level doesn’t match its ideal. You might want to change your champion pool to fit your level of skill and the way you like to play.

Make changes to your jungle style to make it work.

In Season 12, mastering your main jungler means choosing the right summoner spells like AGENGACOR. And also ganking smartly and smiting well. If you want to do well, choose champions that are right for your level of skill. Remember that the key to success is to be flexible and know your champion’s skills and weaknesses inside out. Have fun jungleling!